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We are leaders in road logistics in Brazil with a diversification of services and customers, which guarantees us resilience throughout economic cycles. We have the largest and most integrated portfolio of services in the sector, including Cargo Transportation, Commodity Logistics, Chartering and Fleet Management with Labor, Warehousing Services and Urban Distribution.

We have a lasting relationship with our customers who operate in the most diverse economic sectors, such as: Consumer Goods, Food, Automotive, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Steel, Mining, Agribusiness, among others.

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We know that our people are the ones who make the difference at JSL and having a good management model guarantees the continuity of the company.

Like you, we also have a dream: to be recognized by the market and our customers as the best logistics operator. And for that, we are based on four pillars:







To be part of our people is to be simple, but objective. It is being prepared for innovation, after all, we are always in transformation and growth. It is to make a difference in our business, understanding the needs of our customers to serve them with quality and agility; and all this with great security, of course!


Here at JSL we take this topic very seriously. For us safety is a non-negotiable value, and we follow the principles of the Zero Accident Culture in all our operations, involving employees, independent contractors and third-party drivers.

Safety is a JSL commitment and everyone’s responsibility. Safety is a Value, which consists of the responsibility to know and act in the right way. Acting safely is more than freedom, it is interacting with life, it is having responsibility.


Offer logistics services and solutions, with committed people, creating value for customers and shareholders and contributing to the development of the communities where it operates.


To remain as the market's leading Logistics Operator, with the widest range of services and innovative solutions, recognized for their quality and aligned with customer needs. To be recognized for the professionalization of its management. Become a reference in the use and sale of assets.


  • Customer: Understand to serve, ensuring continuous relationship.
  • People: Make the difference in our business.
  • Work: Nothing is built without it.
  • Simplicity: Objectivity in actions, ensuring agility.
  • Profit: Essential to the growth and perpetuation.


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