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We follow the Best Practices Manual of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC) and the Novo Mercado guidelines to organize our governance. In the current model, the Board of Directors is the highest decision-making body in the group, with the support of committees and an external audit structure. It is up to the board to define strategic guidelines, and their execution is the responsibility of the Executive Board.

The diversity of profiles in this forum is essential, as it allows the Company to benefit from a plurality of opinions and a more assertive and secure decision-making process. JSL’s Board of Directors is formed with a view to diversifying generations, knowledge and experiences, which are continuously accumulated in different areas of activity and economic sectors. The current members of the Board have extensive experience in various sectors, such as Transportation and Logistics, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Metallurgical, Port, Hospital, Banking, Construction, Retail, Oil, Gas and Electricity.

In addition, the plurality of ideas is ensured by different academic paths and professional experiences: entrepreneurship, economics, administrative, accounting, advisory, tax, corporate and third sector. Therefore, the organization seeks to provide a balance between stakeholder expectations and the continuous strengthening of organizational competencies.

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